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This is the Colts Neck (NJ) Soccer Club Under-18 Comets running the most effective soccer-specific speed endurance drill called "Cones." The setup for the drill: 6 lines of cones set at 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 yards. Players run 5 yards and back, 10 yards and back, 15 yards and back, 20 yards and back, 25 yards and back. Four runs/reps equal One Set. 1st Run -- touch each line with foot. 2nd Run -- touch each line with one hand. 3rd Run -- touch each line with both hands. 4th Run -- sprint and Backpedal back. Number of sets depends on age and skill level of players. Comets ran 3-4 sets depending on time of season (4 sets in pre-season; 3 sets in-season).



We use the following drill to teach our players how to develop fast feet. The setup of this drill is as follows:
- Distance from start line to final hurdle is 15 yards.
- First 4 hurdles (2 on the left side, 2 on the right side) are 6 inches high.
- Next 8 hurdles (4 on left, 4 on right) are 9 inches high.
- Last hurdles (1 on left, 1 on right) are 12 inches high.
The drill: Players run down the middle and alternate lifting legs over the hurdles. 
Important note: Every time a player goes from left side to right side and right side to left side, they are required to make a quick 2-step.




Here are the Howell United Soccer Club Uner-18 Rebels running "Lines" in the gym in preparation for the March Baltimore Mania college showcase tournament. The drill: Sprinting endline to endline and back. Endline to midline and back. Endline to endline and back, twice. In all, 8 runs (here are the 6th, 7th and final runs. Yards covered in one run = approximately 90 yards x 8 runs = 720 yards.